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Kleara Skin Care Range
Kleara skin care range, the latest addition to Dreamron products in manufactured using best ingredients while following international standards to enable users to achieve those precious goals of enjoying beautiful, glowing and healthy skin.
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PPD, AMONIA Free Hair Color
'p-Phenylenediamine (PPDris an organic compound used in preparation of hair dyes. However, after detecting harmful effects of this particular compound, beauty care industry attempted to come up with a solution that will produce similar results to that of PPD in an altered form. As a result 'methyl -p- Phenylenedia mine Sulfate' was introduced to the industry recently. Dreamron succeeded in introducing this improved ingredient to hair dye products following experiments conducted in our laboratory in consultation with a team of US Chemists and subsequently introduced a black hair dye that is PPD Free. The new product is ammonia free and therefore does not cause discomfort during application. Keratin and Argan Oil are two wholesome ingredients added to the product which nourishes the hair and prevent dryness and split ends. We have introduced this assortment of hair dye products in line with our commitment to offering the best products to our consumers. As each person's skin type is different, ideally you should do an allergy test before using any new product for the first time.
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Keratin Hair Therapy
Keratin Hair Therapy is specially formulated to protect hair from heat while blow drying & Ironing also It doesn't leave any radius on hair. Its Keratin protein infuses to the hair and repair damage on the hair shift. Soya bean extract & Pro-Vitamin B5 add moisture to avoid hair from drying and makes hair smooth & shine.
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